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Back pain treatments in Hastings

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Looking at back pain treatments in Hastings? Find out more about our approach.

A really common comment from my patients is that they have been struggling with back pain and have been trying everything to get rid of it. A internet search or advice from non-specialists provides a wealth exercises to ‘cure back pain and sciatica NOW!’. Unfortunately, this doesn’t often work – there are a large number of causes for back pain and they need targeted and specific treatment to truly remedy the cause of pain. In this blog I want to take a moment to explain how I tailor my treatments and advice specifically to you, your lifestyle and your pain. 

Our Approach – Case history

At the start of your first appointment, before we get going with any form of treatment, we have a detailed discussion about your back pain. This isn’t a quick two-minute summary, it is the start of a thorough investigation. We explore the location and intensity of your pain, when and how did it start? What makes it better? What makes it worse? And when does it cause you problems? 

Taking time over this part of the treatment really enriches the practical hands-on treatment. It helps me to understand exactly which exercises, manual therapies techniques and intensity of recovery will work for you.  

I take time to understand your lifestyle and medical history too. This sometimes helps me with the diagnosis, but is particularly helpful when I am thinking about the best form of treatment. Often there are small changes you can make to the way you work, exercise, move or hold yourself that can make a huge difference. There is also no point prescribing you lots of exercises if your lifestyle will not provide you with time to complete them. The same goes for suggesting regular appointments if you cannot commit to them. 

Finding the root cause of your problem

When we’ve finished the case-history we move to examination phase to complete the physical assessment. This is an incredibly important stage of the consultation. Osteopaths use their in-depth knowledge of anatomy and movements to understand the structure and configuration of your specific spine and body. In this way, they can identify which joints or structures are causing the pain and more often than not, the root cause of the problem.  

This assessment method takes years of training and experience to perfect. It makes all the difference when targeting exactly what will work for you. All osteopaths are trained primary healthcare practitioners. By law registered with the General Osteopathic council (GOSC) and since 2017 part of the Allied Healthcare Profession (AHPs)

Tailor made back pain care in Hastings

Once the root cause of your pain has been identified, I will discuss with you the treatment plan and possible treatments options. I personally use a wide range of techniques and treatment modalities to help you with your pain. This includes stretching muscles to release stiffness, spinal adjustments and joint mobilization.  

I will also provide you with some targeted exercises – ones that will help you and your body to heal and strengthen. I’ll send them straight to your email using a state-of-the-art rehabilitation software. This provides you with step-by-step videos to guide you through the exercises.  

Between the hands-on treatment and the exercises, we will find a tailored route that suits your body, your injury and your lifestyle. This will allow you to heal as quickly as possible and to help prevent injury in the future. 

Remember that Osteopaths treat more than just back pain. 

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